Sabtu, November 18, 2006


 this is not new. I did this last week.

I cheated. Please don't throw tomatoes at me T__T

Pic taken from someone who took it off Vogue Italy from

Jumaat, November 17, 2006

First picture post!

Ok so I had this blog like forever, and never bothers updating it. That's an understatement. I didn't even start. The only reason for having this is to ensure that I will keep posting new sketches and brainfarts hence motivating me to keep drawing at least everyday. But ...argh! Almost a year with nothing here and everything else over on the Livejournal (shameless pimpage ooh la la!) so this changes soon, I hope.

Here's something to kickstart this place back to life! Just finished this today...

(goddamit I so suck at htmls. Uber suck. I'm still actually trying to find ways to change the borders on this image to black instead of blue)