Rabu, Jun 24, 2009

Commissioned Sketchcards

Been busy with these babies in the past weeks (and for the weeks to come I think). My markers are abused royally and they love it!

Ahad, Jun 21, 2009

Manga Shakespeare Entry

Last year I was forced coerced got my arm pulled asked by my friends to join the Manga Shakespeare competition organized by British Council Malaysia. Basically what we had to do was draw an excerpt from Shakespeare's works of our choice (there was a list to choose fromm and I chose Midsummer's Night Dream, Bottom's transformation sequence) in manga style. Manga styleeeee...

Anyways, thanks to my epic procrastination-fu, I did this all in one night before the deadline, and the art sucks so serves me right >.< But I also somehow managed to get an honourable mention for this entry, so that was cool :)

Read from top to bottom! Thanks.

Jumaat, Jun 19, 2009

Those pesky kids

This for the 'draw yourself as a 100 year old' contest by
Phil McAndrew. Hopefully by then I am still sprightly and youthful in spirit enough to still be wearing hoodies and yelling at kids (er, I don't actually yell at kids. But hopefully that'll improve with age. Especially when it comes to super annoying kids). There's dentures all over the ground because each time I yell, one'll pop out of my mouth, and because I have less than stellar eyessight but too proud to admit it, I can't find the dentures on the ground and will go off to make a new one.

Rabu, Jun 17, 2009

Makeover? Sorta

..cuz I'm just lame at html and all I did was shuffle around the templates hehe. I was tired at the old look!

Also.. presenting YGX: Meow debuting in SDCC '09! Drawn by Eisu featuring adorably cute cats set to conquer the world.

Rabu, Jun 10, 2009


Sorry guys for not posting for so long. I've been really busy preparing some stuff to add to the YonGumiX: Meow compilation which is going to sold at San Diego Comicon 2009. The above strip is one of 11 I did for book. Will post the cover soon, if permitted! XD

Also, thanks to everyone who posted and still follow this dinky blog XD I will reply to your posts soon! (after I find myself a maid-robot).