Selasa, Mei 22, 2007

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time a gorgeous animation that managed to be good, great and sublime, and all in that order. It has to be watched to be believed.

Sabtu, Mei 19, 2007

The Grim Squeaker

Possibly the cutest character in the Discworld, and then Hex and his pink teddy bear comes second. No..sometimes Death himself can be so damned cute too you want to noogie his bony head. I love Terry Prachett's Discworld. This is so far the longest obsession I have had with anything - I counted back the years when I first started collecting his books was about 8 years ago. 8 years! Mr Terry Prachett sir, may you continue to write more brilliant stories that strikes a chord in my heart and soul like no other, and may any screen adaptations of your book be tasteful and masterfully done.

Selasa, Mei 15, 2007

Strictly speaking, this is not part of the job description

Bought these pens today at lunch time and they are awesome! One end's a magic marker, and the other is a finer tip that's really awesome for sketching. Best of all - the blue one is photoblue - won't show up when you photostate or scan your sketch in black and white!

Ended up playing around with the pen (I really love the blue one) almost all afternoon (bought a new sketchbook too)... and went on to splodge the sketches with some cheap markers I got some time ago (and some more from Aimo's hoard of Copics)

Some unreferenced doodles of Aeris and Harle (of Chrono Cross) but I think I got her costume wrong

Doodles of the Folie a Deux girls, a silly story a bunch of friends and I made up way back in uni.

Ye gads markers are evil. I can't stop playing with them even when I get dizzy from inhaling all the aceton.

Last but not least, Hogfather TV Movie is LOVE.

Jumaat, Mei 11, 2007

Some Doodles

...from work. It was a terribly sleepy day - my colleague caught me nodding off in my chair several times!

Apple fritters are awesome!

Rabu, Mei 09, 2007

Office Sketch!!

It's been quite a while! My dear collegue Sandra had started life drawing sessions at work, and hopefully it'll be a routine because I want to be better at drawing, also I've never actually done any real life drawing practices (Bad! I know yes, BAD!! But not too late to start, I hope!) The above is the first one I did on Monday (actually there's an earlier one last month but that one sucks real bad plus I can't find the drawing anyways) and well, it didn't look like our (reluctant) model at all (who happens to be our concept artist haha!)

The 2nd drawing is of our videographer (posing all fancy with lollipop in his mouth XD) I think this turns out slightly better except that his fingers are all wonky.

Then today at lunch with colleagues I did this. That's a bunch of us at the table, and my fish head with rice noodle took so long to prepare I imagined that they actually had to catch the fish first, milk the cow, grow the vege, wait for vegetable to pickle...oooh, I don't know.

After lunch we had a life drawing session, and that's Sandra there posing all cool and sexy-like (yes we take turn to pose XD so everyone gets it)

And a classic Aimo pose. She said I made her bum look big hahahaha.

There's another one of Mel but it looked so damned bad I'm embarassed. Sorry Mel!!! I'll do a better picture next time. So I'll put up this pic of girls in 70s garb instead, platforms and bell bottoms.