Selasa, Mei 15, 2007

Strictly speaking, this is not part of the job description

Bought these pens today at lunch time and they are awesome! One end's a magic marker, and the other is a finer tip that's really awesome for sketching. Best of all - the blue one is photoblue - won't show up when you photostate or scan your sketch in black and white!

Ended up playing around with the pen (I really love the blue one) almost all afternoon (bought a new sketchbook too)... and went on to splodge the sketches with some cheap markers I got some time ago (and some more from Aimo's hoard of Copics)

Some unreferenced doodles of Aeris and Harle (of Chrono Cross) but I think I got her costume wrong

Doodles of the Folie a Deux girls, a silly story a bunch of friends and I made up way back in uni.

Ye gads markers are evil. I can't stop playing with them even when I get dizzy from inhaling all the aceton.

Last but not least, Hogfather TV Movie is LOVE.

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