Khamis, Disember 31, 2009

Dear Grandma & Grandpa

I miss you both so much!

My grandma passed away earlier this month, joining my grandpa who left us 2 years ago. With this I have no grandparents left. They were the sweetest couple you can possibly imagine. As much as I miss their presence, I'm glad they're together now.

A photo I posted in LJ, 4 years ago.

Cat Cat

A sketch I did in San Diego 2009, coloured in Photoshop. Obviously I had furry felines on my mind..

I wish...

I do, I really, really do..

The Raya Incident

A short comic I made for the 5th YonGumix compilation at Comic Fiesta. It really happened.

Something in the moleskine

Brushpen on moleskine. Maybe will colour this one day. When having artist block, draw naked women with plenty of foliage around her T___T

It has been an extremely busy week! Just completed Iron Man II sketchcards (I drew 89 cards in 2 days, I seriously thought I was gonna die), and there'll be 3 official sketchcards gigs due end of January 2010. Half of my colleagues at the Saladin team are leaving today as their contract had ended, and the rest who are staying (moi included) are moving into the new office so guess who was moving stuff into the new said place. We had free lunch, and a farewell cake, and everyone said their goodbyes and that made me sad. I really hope we'll have a chance to work together again! These are immensely talented and amazing bunch of people.

5 more posts to go before 12 am!

Jumaat, Disember 25, 2009


...from Avatar. Frankly, this movie blew my mind.

Khamis, Disember 24, 2009


Sabtu, Disember 12, 2009

Airport Peeps

Bunch of peeps at the airports. Clockwise from top left: 2 very tall European (I presume) ladies with starkly similar style (both had their hair in tight buns, dangly earrings and long flowy outfits with a colour theme and small jackets), wild haired backpacker who walked very very fast, snappy dresser with hat who also caught the eyes of the two European ladies, creepy dude wearing low cut cardi, policewoman, brown outfit European lady. I didn't colour their bags because I forgot the colour.


I can't draw violets for toots. With this done, though - one less work scratched off the list! Phew!!

Ahad, November 29, 2009


Last weekend, I made some fresh pasta from scratch. It was amazingly easy!! Also, Zombieland is SO fun. Go watch it if you haven't already.


Ahhh so uninspired!!! >.<

Girl on Swing

She didn't have feet because I miscalculated the space on which I drew this on ^^;

AAh nearly December and I don't have anything for YongumiX yet... yikes!

Jumaat, November 27, 2009

Street Eats!

Just a quick comic on the street food I encountered in the vicinity of my neighbourhood. There's still lots more that I haven't tried out!

Fish Boy & Octogirl, among other things

Girls and a Tree

Some pretty darn late updates! Yeah I know I should be updating far more frequently than what I'm doing now but again, work caught up yargh. But I'm up to 83 posts for this year and there's still December and I have lots more unscanned stuff in the sketchbook so I'm catching up!

Sabtu, November 21, 2009

What, No Garbage Chute??

I love my apartment and the immediate surroundings but if there's one major beef I have, it'd be the fact that there's no garbage chute in the high-rise building! The main garbage disposal area is in the 1st and 2nd floor, and I live well above the 10th floor. It's always awkward for me to use the elevator while carrying my trash, especially when there's another (clean and well dressed) person in the elevator as well. I feel bad for subjecting them to the trashy smell!

Khamis, November 19, 2009

2012 in a Nutshell (SPOILER ALERT!)

I kid you not, this is how the story ends. Apparently while the rest of the world sunk, the African continent is pushed up way above sea level and is the only remaining habitable piece of land. Arks filled with people who paid billions of euros to be in it (meaning: super rich, super snotty and super bossy entitled people) are last seen congregating together and are headed to this last sanctuary on earth.

How I would like the movie to end: Arks arriving ominously on African shores, while a lone person runs towards the land dwellers, yelling "RUN!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! HUNDRED OF YEARS AGO THEY TOOK YOUR PEOPLE AND NOW THEY'RE HERE FOR YOUR LAAAAAND!!!!"

You should totally watch it. The visual effects is pretty darn good, actually, and the action sequence is quite gripping and tense-inducing in a sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat kinda way. I just find the storyline a bit creepy.

Sorry for the sparse update lately - again, I've been sketching lots in the sketchbook so will scan and update soon!

Jumaat, November 13, 2009


Barn Buddy (on Facebook) is soooo stupid but I can't find it in my heart to abandon my farm. So far I have not succumbed to selling out ten other souls to get me a free dog, but my friends had. I am one such soul ensnared!

Click for a better view to read!


Something from the Sketchbook

Lots of random girls!

Poison Ivy

I think out of any DC villains, she's my fave to draw - mainly because there's so much you can do in terms of composition with all the flora elements.

Fish Maiden meets Octopus Girl

Ok!Been kinda overdue but here's a bunch of stuff.

Staying at home today due to nasty eye slug on my right eye yurghs. Need to go to clinic for follow up checkup!

Rabu, November 11, 2009


Really, sometimes it's ridiculous how cold the office is >.<

I've been feeling rather under the weather lately so I haven't been posting much. There's a whole bunch of stuff waiting to be scanned from the sketchbook though, so that'll make up for that! Take care everyone!

Isnin, November 09, 2009

I Am a Chip Bender

Move over Aang for I am a CHIP BENDER! Muahaha. You know, like.. from Nickelodeon show, Avatar: The Last Airbender? What do you mean you never watched Avatar? Go watch it now, you loser!

Anyway moments after I was whimpering for Pringles, my dear colleague Ezat whipped out a can of potato chips and proceeded to share it with everyone. It is truly a magical event that would shame the best of wizards or witches. My stomach and taste bud is eternally grateful.

And now..

...or salted peanuts. Or Salt & Vinegar Frito Lays potato chips. Or a Cadbury Picnic bar!! Yessssss...

Mermaid in Colour!

I received this lovely surprise in the email today! It's Mermaid & Walrus piece coloured so beautifully by Ryan Claytor whom I had the pleasure of meeting (albeit briefly!) at San Diego Comicon this year. Thanks muchly, Ryan - this totally makes my day :)

(Psst don't forget to check his comics at, they're intriguingly addictive)

Sabtu, November 07, 2009


Our poor fish maiden is being taunted/bugged by a belligerent walrus! A whale should appear and eat him up!

Something from the Sketchbook

I wish I have a coat like the girl on the top pic, in my size! Think of the petites, coat-makers!

Jumaat, November 06, 2009


Quickie done during lunchtime! Just to test out some colour schemes. Done in Photoshop, around 45 mins. It's still kinda dinky but I tried so shaddap! LOL.

I did this with a childhood place in mind: Tanjung Lobang, Miri. My family and I used to stay in the teachers' quarters within a school compound that was situated on top of a cliff overlooking the sea. There's a spot that my brothers and I used to go to in the evenings to play and watch the sunset - it was absolutely beautiful. There was a beach that you can go down to through a path on the side of the cliff, it was like a secret place that belonged only to us. Being there at that time ...those are some of the happiest moments in my life.

Fast forward ten plus years, the spot now has been taken over by a hotel, and the lovely beach below the cliff is covered in concrete embankment. Our lovely sunset spot is gone, blocked by towering hotel building.

You can't stand in the way of progress they say - but I do believe in that line from the movie Miss Potter: "Sometimes beauty is worth preserving."


Something that I should've thought up for Halloween but somehow the thought didn't occur to me back then...

Rabu, November 04, 2009

Comfort Zone

I'm thinking that art-wise I should challenge myself more. LOTS AND LOTS MORE.

Also I wanna make a hundred post before this year ends. So between now and December, that's at least one drawing a day to make it to that goal! Let's go!

Jumaat, Oktober 30, 2009

After Work Sketch II

Some Commissioned Art

The usual comic characters aaaand.. Cleopatra! That was quite interesting...

Rabu, Oktober 28, 2009

After Work Sketch

Having gorged on some utterly divine Tunisian sweets (layers of filo-like pastry encasing chopped pistachios and lightly touched with honey) I went on a sugar high and polished off a normally plodding mundane task in no time, and after that promptly crashed on sugar low, forcing me to take a 5 min nap, face down on my jacket. This sketch is done right after that.


I was working on an artwork for 2 hours and suddenly the pc crashed just as I was about to save. Resetted pc and opened said file to find work way behind the progress I had made.

My feelings?

Ahad, Oktober 25, 2009


I woke up Sunday morning and my eye is red and swollen and itchy. FUN!

Isnin, Oktober 19, 2009


I'm bored. Heeeeee :P

Khamis, Oktober 15, 2009


Phone dates are fun.. I think :)

Ahad, September 06, 2009

Oh My

An update?? I must not be feeling like myself these days. Which is lazy 99.9% of any given time. The colours are all off in this and Mr Octopus could use more work I think. Ah well. An update's an update even if it's a half arsed one T__T

(I'll put up more proper work next time ..uuu.. Just need to finish off work and also get off my lazy bum!)

Jumaat, Ogos 14, 2009


I drew this because Mel asked me to. Why, you ask? I don't know either. Why Mel why?