Ahad, April 26, 2009

Mr Oniyon has his own blog!

Here's a new site I just started - http://adventuresofmroniyon.blogspot.com/

It contains comic-strips of the (mis)adventures of Mr Oniyon, my mascot and doodle of countless years, with kind contributions from awesome artists such as Mel Celestial and Eisu.

So far there's only 3 strips up, drawn by the very talented Mel. More strips will be up soon, hopefully on a weekly basis.

Thanks for looking!

Jumaat, April 24, 2009


Doodles during a production meeting

Rabu, April 22, 2009

Belated Sketchcrawl Post - Part 2

Ooh. Nothing like vaccuuming and cleaning the apartment after a hard day at work. It's so invigorating....not. I still fantasize of the day I am able to train my cat to do the housework in return for me making sure that she does not starve!

Ok,  onto the sketchcrawl. 

We were still in the ..uh...fish tunnel at this point, joined by the hilarious and talented duo of Aimee and Julius.

After infecting some school kids on a field trip, and a good amount of tourists and possible out of towners with flu in the enclosed fish tunnel, I let my good friends lead me back to the  entrance of Aquaria to make our way down the whole  place properly and do some kick-ass sketchin' (that is, my pals be doing kick-ass sketchin' whileI was trying not to drip all over my sketchbook)

Anyway, that snapping turtle up there. Gamera, anyone? It's so awesome.

The Mexican Smiling Walking Fish Which is Not Really a Fish was shy and wouldn't smile for us that day.The crabs are hilarious. They lounged around in this cool-whaddaya-looking-at manner, and there's this pattern on their body that made them look like they're grinning. Very insidious. 

Everyone loved this chameleon because it stayed so freaking still and thus, easy to sketch. Tart.

A fish and a terrapin were huddling together under some foliage, conspiring perhaps to elope and quit the show business forever.

I am positively enamoured by this iguana. What a regal creature he is.

This turtle is a freaking cute fella who wouldn't keep still! Always scampering up and down. What a brat. But a cute brat, nonetheless.

At this point I'm super tired and my drawings had gone to pots. Not that it wasn't kind of potsy to begin with. 

The Nautilus is a wondrous creature that had to be seen to believed. I kinda wished it was bigger though. Like whale-size, Captain Nemo holy jeebus kinda big. That was would be so awesome. Someone was wondering what it would taste like. Tsk tsk tsk.  Some people can be so barbaric ;)

Thus concludes Sketchcrawl 2009 from my end! There're some other sketches but they were too blobby or too drippy to be worth the space. More stuff from other sketchcrawlers can be seen here.

Woo! I'm finally done! Time to catch Henry Cavill's uncovered regal behind in The Tudors. I understand that it has much historical significance.

Belated Sketchcrawl Post - Part 1

Two weeks ago I went for a Sketchcrawl event with a bunch of my pals. Venue, Aquaria, KLCC. Stuff to draw? Fish, and.. more fish. One of my friends actually drew a babboon (he said it was from a poster or did he actually caught his reflection in the aquarium glass? One wonders).

Anyway, it was great fun despite the raging flu I had that day because I woke up too early (I am unfortunately not a morning person. The surest way for a person to die is to be extra cheerful and chirpy in close vicinity to me in the early morning). By the time Sketchcrawl ended, I'm pretty sure I've infected at least a few hundred people in the Aquaria with my drippy nose and mucus expulsion. It's quite an empowering thought.

Here is proof I severely need to brush up on life-drawing, or any kind of drawing in general. My first attempt of sketching that morning yielded these sad blobs

Ok, so I'm terribly rusty. It should get better after that right?



I still fail at sharks, per se. But there will be other times!

No fishies in this page. If I remember right we ended up going straight for the tunnels which held sharks, turtles, rays, turtles and a bunch of small sea fishes.

I wished I had brought my portable watercolour to try out during this sketchcrawl. Some of the fish were really colourful and it would be nice to be able to render them out.

That odd pufferfish.. is really fascinatingly ugly and manic looking. Like a crazy clown. Or something.

My poor rendition of a gorgeous cylindrical tank with a whole tree trunk in it. It was surrounded by lots of fish swimming around it like the inside on a washing machine spin cycle. They were silver in colour with red tips at the tail and fins and watching them go round and round in flashes of silver and red were pretty amazing.

These are at the petting section. You can reach in and fondle them as you like. Poor bamboo shark and starfish must be cranky. I would to, if people keep reaching in and touching me without permission.

This (manta?) ray is a magnificent beast! It covered the whole top of the tunnel as it glided by gracefully.

Part 2 to come soon...

Selasa, April 21, 2009


Bill Presing did it again! His latest post of Chun Li (complete with work progress) is simply amazing. I love his soft and subtle colours! And there's just something so charming about his drawing that just makes you smile.

Here's the entry: http://billpresing.blogspot.com/2009/04/between-rounds.html

Here's hoping he'd draw Leon Kennedy of RE one day the same way hu hu hu XD

Redhair WIP

I don't know when am I going to finish this. It's something I do between work (to keep me sane) but my pc at work is much too slow thanks to Vista. It makes multi-tasking practically impossible! I'm editing in Premier and when it's slow it's really frustrating! And the internet has been really nuts lately too. It make me want to kick someone in the nuts.
I feel so cranky! Can't wait to go home and squeeze my dear cat >.<
Thanks to Mel for her tips on anatomy (my knowledge of anatomy is just so nonexistent) and colour :D

Jumaat, April 10, 2009


I blame this awful drawing on the cranky state of my body right now. Last night I couldn't sleep because it was too warm, and woke up with a flash fever and a horrible headache. I had to take the day off from work because goddamnit, I felt like I just want to curl up and die. The headache and general discomfort continues until I took a nap and took some fluids, some meds. Internally I was telling myself how everything in a human body are made up of a series of very precise processes, and a slight rise of temperature, or change in acidity etc can just throw everything off balance. How I hate it when things get thrown out of balance!

Anyway I can't sleep again, and the headache persists and I feel so very cranky so here it is. In a perfect world, Bella Swan will look like this, and Edward Cullen can look at her and choke on his own vomit and die.

Ahad, April 05, 2009

Deep Purple

Fiddling around with SAI again, colour tweaks in Photoshop. Just a quick colour test so forgive the imbalance on her face (her eyes are so disturbingly misaligned... gross)

Jumaat, April 03, 2009


Better post this up since I'm in this super rare hardworking mode >.<
She looks so blue! Give her some chocolates!

Octo Hair Clip

Augh started out doing this feeling optimistic then my bad painting skill takes over. It sorta got overdone, and by the time I got to her shoes, I got lazy. Yucks!
It's that loose and not-so-contained kind of quality in a painting that still eludes me - back to practicing I guess!
Done in Painter SAI!


Fooling around in Painter SAI again. Seriously, this thing is awesome. It's like the best of Photoshop and Painter combined together in about 2 MB of application. Anyway, I like octopus. Octopusses? I should go to sleep now.

Rabu, April 01, 2009


Was trying out Painter SAI at the behest of my colleague Mel, who is extremely wonderful at painting with it (check out her lovely mer-people over at her blog listed on the side - that girl is AMAZING!)

I can't paint all that well, but I must say this application's pretty sweet! Easy to use and light on computer memory :)