Selasa, April 21, 2009

Redhair WIP

I don't know when am I going to finish this. It's something I do between work (to keep me sane) but my pc at work is much too slow thanks to Vista. It makes multi-tasking practically impossible! I'm editing in Premier and when it's slow it's really frustrating! And the internet has been really nuts lately too. It make me want to kick someone in the nuts.
I feel so cranky! Can't wait to go home and squeeze my dear cat >.<
Thanks to Mel for her tips on anatomy (my knowledge of anatomy is just so nonexistent) and colour :D

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Raccoon General berkata...

Vista is a resource hogger. I se vista at home too, coz I thought it'd be the next thing for PC Gaming, but it hogs so much system resource that it crashes often as well.

Oh.. and nice pic:P

Hanie berkata...

YES IT IS. I can't believe that I find it hard to even run Microsoft Excel on my work pc right now >.< VISTA SUCKSSSSS

thanks for the kind comments!