Khamis, Disember 16, 2010

YonGumiX 6 cover breakdown part DUA

...and it's done! Hope you like. Visit our booth and get our book!

Here's the map to our booth:

(it's on the bottom right corner - YONGUMI.)

YonGumiX 6 cover breakdown

Just for fun here's a breakdown of the cover for this year's YonGumiX! Part 2 coming riiiight up

Selasa, Disember 14, 2010

Sabtu, Disember 11, 2010

YonGumiX 6 cover!

It's that time of the year again, folks!

Comic Fiesta 2010 is around the corner and the Yongumi gang had come up with the 6th installment of YonGumiX and it's our first ever in FULL COLOUR. We also have contributions from the superbly talented Mel Celestial (I am totally swooning over how awesome her comic is and wish it is much longer!), the wily and whip-smart DinJerr as well multi talented Laine.

Visit our booth and grab a copy!

Event: Comic Fiesta 2010
Date: 18 & 19 December
Venue: Manhattan Ballroom, Berjaya Times Square Hotel


Isnin, November 29, 2010

From the sketchbook!

For a comic I'm working on :)

Selasa, November 23, 2010

Zee Octopus strikes again!!

Am happy that Saladin: The Animated Series has finally launched and will (hopefully) continue its 2 season run on TV :) Thanks to all for your kind and supportive words - it is much appreciated and made me feel all that hard work poured into the work was truly and well worth it :)

(and to dissenting and disgruntled voices: Haters be be pointing and talking and hating, but WE'LL KEEP ON GOING AND PROGRESSING. BOOYAAAAH XDDD)

My super lovely friends gave me a gorgeous watercolour moleskine for my birthday last year. And being the 'tard that I am, I was afraid to draw in it for fear of sullying the beautiful, pristine pages! But having ridden on a euphoria post Saladin TV debut I threw all cautions out of the window and went for it. This is the result! Thank you beautiful friends you know who you all are :)

Jumaat, November 19, 2010


I am so horribly loss for words now that I'm just copy pasting straight from my deviantart post XD


This is the show that I assistant-directored (pre-production team) in for the past 3 years (more like 2 1/2 years, was a storyboard artist in the first half year) and now it's FINALLY OUT ON TV! I'm so excited because we had a really great team working on this - so hopefully we'll get a good reception to the show. Catch it on TV1 at 7.30 pm on Saturdays, and if you miss that repeats are on Sundays, 9.30 am. Tell your kids, friends, wives, girlfriends, mothers, fathers, in-laws, neighbours, pizza delivery men, grocers, makcik nasi lemak, EVERYONE! Spread the love!

You might want to check out some of the wonderful people who worked on the show because once you see their works, you know this show is gonna be LE AWESOMEEEEE!!

Storyboard artists

Production artists
Aura (siapa tau Aura punya website aaa?)

3d Visualizer + Marketing
(including the making of the poster above!!)

Web Development + Marketing (including the making of the poster above XD)

Character Designer

Special thanks to Ezat, Hasnul G, ED, Aizil, Shawal, Faliq and everyone who was involved in seeing this project to fruition..


p/s korang2 yg terlist kat atas tu.. kalau job description tak betul tolong betulkan eh

Selasa, November 16, 2010

White Queen

.. in watercolour!! After all these years I am finally dabbling in watercolour. I've always shied away from it because I'm so bad at it (still am hahah) but with practice hopefully that'll change!

Ahad, November 14, 2010

Marvel Heroes and Villains batch II!

3 more batches! Now to get back to copying and pasting...

Selasa, Oktober 26, 2010

Marvel Heroes and Villains! (bigger scans)

Because some people had nearly gone blind looking at the tiny HnV characters I posted earlier, here's the bigger images!

Will uploading the rest next. Also!! Just completed a sketch card gig that had me drawing a seemingly infinite amount of bewbs. Hmmmm...

Khamis, Oktober 21, 2010

Elsa and Natasha

These are approved Artist Proof cards for Iron Man II sketch card set. These two are also somewhat special because they've gotten the 'boob slap' - I have to amend the drawings because they had shown too much boobage XD XD Oops!

Khamis, Oktober 14, 2010

Marvel Heroes and Villains!

Received word that I'm finally able to show this to the public so here it is! All 150 cards done for this set from Rittenhouse. The funny thing is that I thought I've only 149 cards in the mail, but when I counted these scanned babies there's 150 after all! Maybe there's a double somewhere in there. Have fun looking for it..hehe :)

Jumaat, September 24, 2010

More Monster (or Slasher or Undead) beating (or killing) Girl

5finity's Hack/Slash set, featuring Cassie and Vlad from Tim Seeley's best selling comic of the same title. Much blood and gore and goth girl goodness abound!

See here for more info:

Apologies for the bad picture as I had to take this with a camera cuz my scanner's not with me T_T

Monster beating Girl

Return card for 5finity's Female Persuasion set, featuring the awesome Nara Kilday from the awesome Josh Howard's comic Dead@17. This card is also featured on 5finity's main page: (scroll down a bit further)

Selasa, September 21, 2010

TCB Base card art!

Going back to digital after indulging in real media. The result looked a bit flat and too 'clean' (to me XD) so maybe I need to practice more!

Isnin, September 20, 2010

Tribute Card for Pat Carlucci

I did a couple of tribute cards in the Treasure Chest & Booty set for the late Pat Carlucci ( These cards will be auctioned on eBay and the proceeds shall go to his family.

RIP Pat. You will be sorely missed.

Ahad, Ogos 29, 2010

Colour test!

Just a doodle in Painter SAI!

Treasure Chest and Booty preview

Cute pirate girls for Bad Axe Studio's first sketch card series - Treasure Chest and Bootay! Space pirate girl included :3

Mixtape Set

Jim Mahfood's Mixtape set, released by 5finity. On the right is my hand drawn Artist Exclusive card, a tribute to love of all things instant noodley XD

Khamis, Ogos 26, 2010

Legends & Lore Artist Proof Card

The client requested Guinevere, wife of King Arthur of Camelot. Colouring looks a bit blotchy due to the paper texture. I tried to give it some pencil colour finishing to make it less blotchy.. not sure if it works though, hehe.

Isnin, Ogos 23, 2010



Ok that has to change, stat.

Also, selamat berpuasa, kengkawan serta muslimin dan musliman sekalian :)

Selasa, Jun 15, 2010

The Pro sketch card preview!

Worked on The Pro sketch card set from 5finity ( The Pro is a comic written by Garth Ennis, penciled and inked by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti respectively. It is also one heck of a crazy read. I mean REALLY. I read it again before working on this set to refresh my memory on the character and HOLY CRAPOLA. XDDD You guys should check it out anyways. And Amanda Conner's artwork's super sweet!

The above featured characters are the Knight and the Squire from the comic! They're extremely friendly in that way, methinks :3

Rabu, Jun 09, 2010

Some real media work

..done for Sadlittle's ( Legends & Lore Artist Proof cards. These are rendered in watercolour pencils and marker :3

Rabu, Mei 05, 2010


This is one of those time when you spend hours on one artwork and end up hating it!! This feels all sort of wrong to me, and it's not quite in a good place. Maybe I gotta start all over again! Ugh.

Hit-Girl is awesome though. Kick-Ass is so cool (both movie and comic). It is, for lack of better words, truly kickass. (wow can you just feel the verbal originality oozing from me right now? I need to lie down T__T)

Khamis, April 15, 2010

Looky look

The kind folks over at AnimationXpress featured my works in their online newsletter!

Yup, that's my stuff ^^

Some old works, some recent stuff you've seen and also those that you probably have not seen before. Feel free to browse through!

Selasa, April 13, 2010

Babes and Puppies

This is from 5finity's Pinups and Puppies series! Seen here (2nd pic) is a beagles puppy, which is my favourite one of the lot :3

Been working on lots of sketchcard gigs so all I'm going to post here for the coming weeks are gonna be sketchcards previews.. so bear with me folks XD

I'm also on Breygent's Cartoon Sketch series (featuring Mighty Mouse, Felix the Cat, Betty Boop and Casper the friendly ghost), Sci-fi and Horror set (The Brain That Lives! Dracula's Daughter.. Dracula's DOG!!) and a few more really exciting ones. So keep a lookout on this space here :3

Isnin, April 05, 2010


Haven't drawn these two for quite a while :3 Trying to find a pose where Octogirl doesn't look too underdressed (LOL) but it's hard when all she has is an octopus on her head and little else. Wonder what they may be gossiping about?

I want to be a house cat!

All they do is eat, sleep, purr and look cute. What not to like??

Selasa, Mac 16, 2010

Ask your friends what to draw

..and this is the result.

I asked friends on Facebook recently on stuff to draw because I'm experiencing a huge artist block. And they came up with some pretty cool and weird ideas. This one is 'How your cat tricked you to get food'.

The rest are:

1. Onion and Peanuts
2. A really good looking doner in a bun (??!!)
3. Hobbits in Malaysia
4. Blue Avatar in Nickelodeon's Avatar setting
5. Naruto (lol)
6. Someone had the gall to post 'Use your imagination' when I had specifically asked for a subject (seriously guys is that so hard?? :PPP) so I'm gonna take this literally and draw something based on that XD

So keep a lookout on this space for the rest in the list!

Ahad, Mac 14, 2010

Trying draw with the pen tool. Just learned something new from a friend yesterday, which is something everyone probably know except me! Ah well. You learn something new everyday.

Khamis, Mac 11, 2010


Was tinkering around the PC and found this old thing I did for Chipsmore cookies via an agency like.. 3 years ago. This version was after 1 client's revision (which is to saturate the colour to make it all bright and sassy! Especially the brand's colours!)

P/S I did NOT write the script.

Selasa, Mac 09, 2010


Some dude. Was trying to draw Steve Buscemi but failed spectacularly HA!


Quick sketch of a Malay dancer! Trying to keep awake now argh

Jumaat, Mac 05, 2010


I draw sexy things for money. This is a Legends & Lore return card, and the person who commissioned me requested for a 'sexy Beauty and the Beast'. Hope this is sexy enough ;)

Khamis, Januari 21, 2010

Taking a breather..

This blog had been rather quiet lately because I was working on this!

I took 100 cards on this, and 50 cards on the upcoming Marvel 70th Anniversary sketch cards by Rittenhouse, and a couple more with looming deadlines...aaaaa.

Classic Iron Man suits are the most fun to draw, though I think I made him look a tad skinny here.. hehehe.

Ok enough chit-chat, back to work! *faints*

Jumaat, Januari 08, 2010

Tree of Dreams

I don't know when I'll be colouring this... huk huk... T___T

This is a pretty dinky product of my extreme boredom (my level of boredom is like super boredom beyond the realm of usual boredom magnified by 100). I sometimes dream of octopus, they're fun. The other night I dream of a chicken that walked after it was cooked - that was freaky. Anyways the heart (if you can see it, cuddled by the octopus' tentacles) symbolized the idea that I can't live without dreams and fantasy. It's the thing that fuels me day by day, that things can be beyond what they are.

Ok, it's Friday! Woot! Happy weekend :)

Jumaat, Januari 01, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Have a good year ahead everyone!!

Argh! I made a 100-post resolution for 2009, but was short by 1 (so close, yet far!) 99 post in all. Grrr. In that case I'll make a resolution to post 151 artworks in 2010, so if I'm short by one, I'll still have 150.