Selasa, November 23, 2010

Zee Octopus strikes again!!

Am happy that Saladin: The Animated Series has finally launched and will (hopefully) continue its 2 season run on TV :) Thanks to all for your kind and supportive words - it is much appreciated and made me feel all that hard work poured into the work was truly and well worth it :)

(and to dissenting and disgruntled voices: Haters be be pointing and talking and hating, but WE'LL KEEP ON GOING AND PROGRESSING. BOOYAAAAH XDDD)

My super lovely friends gave me a gorgeous watercolour moleskine for my birthday last year. And being the 'tard that I am, I was afraid to draw in it for fear of sullying the beautiful, pristine pages! But having ridden on a euphoria post Saladin TV debut I threw all cautions out of the window and went for it. This is the result! Thank you beautiful friends you know who you all are :)

2 ulasan:

koko berkata...

Your sketch is so nice it made me jealous. So can i hate you instead.

Hanie berkata...

LOL don't hate me!