Jumaat, September 24, 2010

More Monster (or Slasher or Undead) beating (or killing) Girl

5finity's Hack/Slash set, featuring Cassie and Vlad from Tim Seeley's best selling comic of the same title. Much blood and gore and goth girl goodness abound!

See here for more info: http://5finity.com/Coming_Soon.html

Apologies for the bad picture as I had to take this with a camera cuz my scanner's not with me T_T

Monster beating Girl

Return card for 5finity's Female Persuasion set, featuring the awesome Nara Kilday from the awesome Josh Howard's comic Dead@17. This card is also featured on 5finity's main page: http://5finity.com/ (scroll down a bit further)

Selasa, September 21, 2010

TCB Base card art!

Going back to digital after indulging in real media. The result looked a bit flat and too 'clean' (to me XD) so maybe I need to practice more!

Isnin, September 20, 2010

Tribute Card for Pat Carlucci

I did a couple of tribute cards in the Treasure Chest & Booty set for the late Pat Carlucci (http://patcarlucci.deviantart.com/). These cards will be auctioned on eBay and the proceeds shall go to his family.


RIP Pat. You will be sorely missed.