Isnin, Mac 23, 2009

Rough Doodle-doo

Quick doodle while transferring files over to server. Odd Sarah and some smatterings of outfits. It's such an uninspiring Monday, can you tell?

I love you and yet I hate you

Damn you Bourdain. Your traipsing around the world had rendered me unable to sleep so I am up at this ungodly hour. And in mere hours I will have to go to work for it is already Monday, probably fueled by an uninspired, insipid breakfast while you feast away on pasta slathered with sauce concocted from roasted tomato on a balcony facing the ocean in Sicily. I hate you, Bourdain (but I love you too. Such a complicated emotion it is).

To make matters worse, my cat is trying very hard to occupy my workspace by sitting on my tablet and hooking a paw over my working hand. I am only tolerating her because she recently had her uterus and Falllopian tubes removed and is wearing a pathetically hilarious cone over her head. Only this time, kitty.

Random colour sketch rendered in Photoshop. Testing out that whole colour in grayscale first then overlay colour in different layer thing.

Detail of her face.

Isnin, Mac 16, 2009

Bourdain is My Bane

You know that show 'No Reservation'? Where celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain traipse around the world and partake in the cuisines with wanton abandon? (he was less enthusiatic with the fermented shark in Iceland.. but still ..) It makes me hate him because I am practically chartreuse with envy. Yes! Not merely green, but chartreuse! It takes a special kind of jealousy to be able to turn into a specific hue of green.
What's worse is that after a session of the show, I'd be left with tantalizing images of gorgeous food which sears itself into my mind, and I'd go home to salvage a kitchen which yields nothing but instant noodles (onions included if one is feeling fancy).

Sabtu, Mac 14, 2009

INTRO: The Office Hooch

...who is amazingly endowed and has the tendency to wedge herself between people who are in a relationship.

Darkstalker Babes

Made for the Udon Darkstalker competition but it didn't make it :( Ah well. It was such a rush job too. Serves me right to procrastinate XD

Before I forget, massive congrats to Zid and Laine for making the cut!

Drawn and coloured entirely in Photoshop.

Characters are from the Darkstalkers video games by Capcom, so pleasedonotsuekillormaimthankyou :)

Jumaat, Mac 13, 2009

INTRO: The Sibling

...who holds a dark, dark secret.

Oh looky! It's Friday the 13th today. Anyone crossed a black cat yet? Nearly been hit by car for at least 5 times consecutively since you woke up? Got mugged and accidentally tasered yourself when you're trying to accost said mugger? I myself had fallen sick today with the flu - it's lucky in the fact that I don't have to go to the office but unlucky in the sense that getting sick as an adult sucks way more than when you were a kid.
And I haven't posted for about a week when I said I'm going to post regularly! So much for keeping to my words...

Jumaat, Mac 06, 2009

My Cat is Crazy

My cat is in heat now and is desperately horny. So desperate that she sprays places in the apartment (purpose is to leave her scent for male cats to follow, like a breadcrumb trail). When I clean up these 'marks', she sprays ME instead. It's like being peed on and I feel completely violated >.<
Time to get you snip-snipped, you shameless hussy!

Khamis, Mac 05, 2009

Where's the Scones

..and clotted cream and tea cakes and little cucumber sandwiches?

INTRO: The Angry Octopus

An angry octopus with hypertension wielding a hapless carrot by means of weapon.

INTRO: The Tech Lady & The Superhero

Meet May Gene. Engineer by day...

Superhero(ine?) by night!

Much thanks to Felix Thoo who came up with the idea years ago :)

Selasa, Mac 03, 2009


Morrigan, cuz everyone seems to be drawing Morrigan these days and I'm jumping on the wagon.

INTRO: The Overworked Designer

Every day, every weekend, every hour of the day. The chores are endless. There's no time for sleep, rest or love, Dr Jones! When will he ever get his break?