Jumaat, Mac 06, 2009

My Cat is Crazy

My cat is in heat now and is desperately horny. So desperate that she sprays places in the apartment (purpose is to leave her scent for male cats to follow, like a breadcrumb trail). When I clean up these 'marks', she sprays ME instead. It's like being peed on and I feel completely violated >.<
Time to get you snip-snipped, you shameless hussy!

8 ulasan:

anas afrohead berkata...

true story?

Mel Celestial berkata...

That must be horrid to wake up to... teen kitties *disapproving head shake* Maybe I should introduce her to Tam Tam? Zero chances of mini Saurons/Tamz there :D

akapaka berkata...

janganla potong. kesian dia.

Hanie berkata...

anas: Yes. Every bit of it true.

Mel: I worry for the psychological scar that may be inflicted on poor Tam-tam!

akapaka: kalau tak potong dia lagi sengsara

Jiwo berkata...

violated XD;;

fairy fairuz berkata...


kesiannye!i know how u felt!horny female cats are annoying!i cant tahan their randy meow & kinki acts ughh, mine sudah potong and i'm in peace :D its good for them too anyways

eh i link your blog eh!i've been rajin updating mine recently, hopefully it will last :p

Hanie berkata...

jiwo: totally T__T

fairy: LOL I'm making appointment to potong her, and maybe I can sleep at night better
Linked u back! Post up more photos, babe! XD

fairy fairuz berkata...

i'll try hehehe!thanks!:D