Jumaat, Mac 13, 2009

INTRO: The Sibling

...who holds a dark, dark secret.

Oh looky! It's Friday the 13th today. Anyone crossed a black cat yet? Nearly been hit by car for at least 5 times consecutively since you woke up? Got mugged and accidentally tasered yourself when you're trying to accost said mugger? I myself had fallen sick today with the flu - it's lucky in the fact that I don't have to go to the office but unlucky in the sense that getting sick as an adult sucks way more than when you were a kid.
And I haven't posted for about a week when I said I'm going to post regularly! So much for keeping to my words...

2 ulasan:

Jeff Mahadi berkata...

Wait! Lemme guess. He has Man-tits! lolz XD

At least that's what I thought with his worried look and him taking off his shirt infront of a mirror XD

Hanie berkata...

Shhh not so loud! It's supposed to be a secret! ;)