Isnin, Mac 16, 2009

Bourdain is My Bane

You know that show 'No Reservation'? Where celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain traipse around the world and partake in the cuisines with wanton abandon? (he was less enthusiatic with the fermented shark in Iceland.. but still ..) It makes me hate him because I am practically chartreuse with envy. Yes! Not merely green, but chartreuse! It takes a special kind of jealousy to be able to turn into a specific hue of green.
What's worse is that after a session of the show, I'd be left with tantalizing images of gorgeous food which sears itself into my mind, and I'd go home to salvage a kitchen which yields nothing but instant noodles (onions included if one is feeling fancy).

3 ulasan:

Booya berkata...

Damn, I didn't even know that specific color has a name for it.

Curiousity forces me to look up. Gotta admit, looking up color names is a lot of fun.

Raccoon General berkata...

That.... is a very nice expression.

fairy fairuz berkata...

woh i didnt even know the name of the color sheesh

eh onion in instant noodles?tk penah makan hmm maybe i should try :p