Khamis, April 15, 2010

Looky look

The kind folks over at AnimationXpress featured my works in their online newsletter!

Yup, that's my stuff ^^

Some old works, some recent stuff you've seen and also those that you probably have not seen before. Feel free to browse through!

Selasa, April 13, 2010

Babes and Puppies

This is from 5finity's Pinups and Puppies series! Seen here (2nd pic) is a beagles puppy, which is my favourite one of the lot :3

Been working on lots of sketchcard gigs so all I'm going to post here for the coming weeks are gonna be sketchcards previews.. so bear with me folks XD

I'm also on Breygent's Cartoon Sketch series (featuring Mighty Mouse, Felix the Cat, Betty Boop and Casper the friendly ghost), Sci-fi and Horror set (The Brain That Lives! Dracula's Daughter.. Dracula's DOG!!) and a few more really exciting ones. So keep a lookout on this space here :3

Isnin, April 05, 2010


Haven't drawn these two for quite a while :3 Trying to find a pose where Octogirl doesn't look too underdressed (LOL) but it's hard when all she has is an octopus on her head and little else. Wonder what they may be gossiping about?

I want to be a house cat!

All they do is eat, sleep, purr and look cute. What not to like??