Selasa, Mac 16, 2010

Ask your friends what to draw

..and this is the result.

I asked friends on Facebook recently on stuff to draw because I'm experiencing a huge artist block. And they came up with some pretty cool and weird ideas. This one is 'How your cat tricked you to get food'.

The rest are:

1. Onion and Peanuts
2. A really good looking doner in a bun (??!!)
3. Hobbits in Malaysia
4. Blue Avatar in Nickelodeon's Avatar setting
5. Naruto (lol)
6. Someone had the gall to post 'Use your imagination' when I had specifically asked for a subject (seriously guys is that so hard?? :PPP) so I'm gonna take this literally and draw something based on that XD

So keep a lookout on this space for the rest in the list!

Ahad, Mac 14, 2010

Trying draw with the pen tool. Just learned something new from a friend yesterday, which is something everyone probably know except me! Ah well. You learn something new everyday.

Khamis, Mac 11, 2010


Was tinkering around the PC and found this old thing I did for Chipsmore cookies via an agency like.. 3 years ago. This version was after 1 client's revision (which is to saturate the colour to make it all bright and sassy! Especially the brand's colours!)

P/S I did NOT write the script.

Selasa, Mac 09, 2010


Some dude. Was trying to draw Steve Buscemi but failed spectacularly HA!


Quick sketch of a Malay dancer! Trying to keep awake now argh

Jumaat, Mac 05, 2010


I draw sexy things for money. This is a Legends & Lore return card, and the person who commissioned me requested for a 'sexy Beauty and the Beast'. Hope this is sexy enough ;)