Selasa, Mac 16, 2010

Ask your friends what to draw

..and this is the result.

I asked friends on Facebook recently on stuff to draw because I'm experiencing a huge artist block. And they came up with some pretty cool and weird ideas. This one is 'How your cat tricked you to get food'.

The rest are:

1. Onion and Peanuts
2. A really good looking doner in a bun (??!!)
3. Hobbits in Malaysia
4. Blue Avatar in Nickelodeon's Avatar setting
5. Naruto (lol)
6. Someone had the gall to post 'Use your imagination' when I had specifically asked for a subject (seriously guys is that so hard?? :PPP) so I'm gonna take this literally and draw something based on that XD

So keep a lookout on this space for the rest in the list!

3 ulasan:

Jeff Mahadi berkata...

How about....Mer-Monkeys! XD

No. Not Sea Monkeys. Mer-Monkeys as in half fish and half tuna XD;;;

Hanie berkata...

i-isn't tuna.. fish?

Raccoon General berkata...

Cosmic mouse..... whaaa?:P the funniest thing ive seen all day... :P