Selasa, Februari 27, 2007


...I...ran out of ideas for a composition and background.

She's kinda looks like one of those Bratz doll, doesn't she? (I hate those Bratz dolls).

Big Headddddd

Big headed people are no good. Their heads get too big, and their feet too small, their necks'll snap off after a few steps.

Isnin, Februari 26, 2007

Yes, Office sketch again

Our director came in today, but so did the scriptwriters and they ended up having a long meeting which took the whole day.
So my work are being held back till tomorrow, and I was able to sketch this between storyboard thumbnails...
It's one of a crazy witch and a... random jumping girl. Bad anatomies afoot!

Jumaat, Februari 23, 2007

More office sketch

Probably less coming next week. It's going to be crunch time in the office now!

I'm wishing that my doodles actually have a certain theme, or topics and subjects instead of random bit and bobs of nothing. But then again doodles are supposed to be random bit and bobs and nothing, and that's all my brains are able to churn out last Friday at work.

What to do, what to do now..?

Rabu, Februari 21, 2007

Office Sketch!...

Khamis, Februari 15, 2007

I am so sleepy now

Someone back in uni came up with this phrase: I'm too lazy to sleep.
I remember going - what the heck how can you be too lazy to sleep? That doesn't make sense.
But now it kinda does - I'm sleepy but I'm too tired to drag myself upstairs so that makes me lazy I guess.
You can tell I'm real sleepy when I start rambling like this. Night u all.