Sabtu, Januari 29, 2011


A prelim sketch for this:

I think the sketch looks way better than the coloured piece T_____T

Also, for some weird reason lately I've been looking at lots of pictures of the traditional English tea service - the plates, teacups, types of tea and the cakes. Wtf.

Sabtu, Januari 15, 2011

MISSING: Preview Page

A preview of my comic from Yongumix #6.

We still have copies available so if anyone's interested to get one do email me at hanie.commissions at gmail dot com. Thanks! Please get a copy! The comics inside are pretty awesome!!

Rabu, Januari 12, 2011


Rendered in markers. Isn't she cute? hehe


I didn't manage to post the targeted 150 posts last year, reaching only about 30 something posts. BOO!! I guess work really got in the way as we wrapped up the production of Saladin most of last year.

Now I am a full time freelance artist working from home so let's hope I can actually reach 150 post this time around. C'mon Hanie get off your lazy ass!!