Khamis, Disember 27, 2007

Short Crappy Stuff

A short sketchy comic on my bro's wedding few weeks ago. Click for full view to read!

Sabtu, Disember 22, 2007

Fanart of Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender. I was lazy so I think I missed out on lots of details and had a huge brainfart in the midst of doing it so you get lots of senseless bits of flying dirt sponked all over the artwork. Hee hee...peace!

Avatar: TLA belong to Nickelodeon and this is just a mere fanart so please don't kill maim or sue thanks very much ^^

Jumaat, November 16, 2007


And I slip back to ye old warmish colour tones again! Old habits are hard to quit. And speaking of bad habits: Everyone I draw faces left. Not good. Must have varieties.

Khamis, November 15, 2007

Candy Colours

Trying to diverge away from the colour schemes I usually use (warmish, reddish tones and what have yous) and decided to wonk it up with bright candy colours! I think I'll still need more practice to come up with colour schemes I want at the snap of a finger, but this'll do for now.

I have been very bad - I have not posted anything for October! So much for discipline. Much apologies but October is a pretty much a holiday month with the Eid celebration and all, and what I lack in drawings, I make it up with dinky holiday pictures! You can look it up in my
Livejournal - I can promise you a picture of a random cat and lots of good food ;)

Rabu, September 26, 2007

Ty Lee

Ty Lee, my favourite Fire Nation girl holding a fat bird.

Isnin, September 24, 2007

My brother's wedding

My second brother is getting married in December and he wants me to draw something for the invitation card. He and his fiancee wanted something with cats.

Because I am lame I came up with this ^^;

Sorry for the delay, big bro!

Ahad, September 23, 2007

The Waterbender

I almost didn't want to finish this piece. I had the lineart lying around forever, and when I started colouring I didn't like the direction it was going. I have no idea how the end product is going to look like (which contributed a LOT to floundering and flopping around helplessly in Photoshop adding layers, deleting layers, airbrushing, erasing asjdhawjjhawwd). My aim was to finish it before 3rd season of Avatar begins, but obviously I didn't manage to do that hahaha. I still kinda feel this sort of had 'overdone' all over it, but I probably won't change anything anymore.

Isnin, September 17, 2007

Spyro Fan art

Just saw the new PS2 release for this game over at I haven't played Spyro for ages. Not since the 2nd game of the PS1 release (Ripto's Rage). It seemed like Spyro had a major overhaul over the years, reboot of the storyline and even a little redesign to the spunky title character itself. I miss the old blocky muzzle he used to have.

Nevertheless, the new game still looks quite interesting! Might as well crank up the old PS2 one of these days.

Fan art!

Remember reading Archie as a kid? Or during the pre-teen years? That eternal love triangle with Archie-Bets-Ronnie. Jughead's pig-outs. Reggie's next evil ploy. I even love Josie and the Pussycats.This is my take on Betty and Veronica, which doesn't do justice to the art of Dan DeCarlo. Maybe more to come next.

Selasa, September 11, 2007

B'day Pic for Jade

Markered piece for my friend Jade. That was a great brunch we had! I love my Benny Breakfast.

Khamis, September 06, 2007

Something for September

After a particularly busy yet productive August (by my own lackadaisical standard that is) September is a horribly lazy month where I can't seem to be arsed to draw anything good.
These are the only two that I like for this month, even when the 2nd pic was dangerously bordering on watercolour goulash with so many colours clashing for attention.

Rabu, Ogos 29, 2007

Lift Off

Whee... this picture. I felt quite ambitious starting this one, thinking how much fun I would have with the dramatic angle and the colouring... but unfortunately my inept watercolouring skills and inexperience took over. And it ended up looking super horrendous and blotchy and very very different from what I have in mind. I'll probably recreate this again in Photoshop some day.

Watercolour dump

Selasa, Ogos 28, 2007

Where's that @#%^& Space Shuttle!

Quickie while waiting for colleague so I can go home. She can either be trying to look cool or pissed or pissed but looking cool at the same time. Or constipated. Maybe all of the options.

Painter doodle-de-doo.

Jumaat, Ogos 24, 2007

Posing Maut

Ninja toitles hoyey!

A fave from my childhood cartoon, the extremely intelligent Donatello and his formidale bo that lets you stand safely at one end while you whack an opponent senseless in the Sega MegaDrive fighting game!

Rendered in Copics (Ciao!), pen, white gel pen and a lil' dash of colour pencils.

Costume/ outfit is sooo inaccurate but yeargh.

And I met Kevin Eastman woo! He was in Malaysia, visiting our workplace wooo!

ok enough spazzing.

Isnin, Ogos 20, 2007


Drawing of random fairy like creature when I was bored at work and extremely itching to try out colour pencils. Rendered in liquid watercolour and slathered on colour pencils like nobody's business.

I'm running out of inspiration these days - arrghh. I need to watch Bale movies. Lots and lots of Christian Bale movies.

Avatar fan artz!

Some recent artworks done during Comiworld '07. Rendered in markers and colour pencils (Staedler Luna I love youze)

Khamis, Ogos 16, 2007


Drawing these ornamental stuff always calms me down when I'm too stuffed in the head, stressed or tired. I really love those graphic designers/ illustrators who specialize in ornamental arts - it always amazes me how they come out with their works - the intricacies, the beautiful details. Hope to do more of these soon when I can draw better flowers XD

Rabu, Ogos 15, 2007

Love at First Cactus

"I think I'll take you home!"

Selasa, Ogos 14, 2007


Just finished watching Ratatouille in the cinema, and the lights were up and I received news that Mike Wieringo had passed away.

It was kind of sad, he was a great artist, always had time to comment on newcomers on the Drawingboard forum, large array of inspiring works - I guess it just hits those who love him and his works doubly hard because he was just so damn nice.

Here's to an amazing artist and person.

Khamis, Ogos 02, 2007


My house mate is always saying that I treat her like a pinata, because I always hit her, or something. But at least I never kick her!

No house mate is harmed in the making of this drawing.

Rabu, Ogos 01, 2007

Yellow yellow orange brown

Found these two bottles of liquid watercolour in my drawer at work, and decided to try them out. I totally suck at watercolour (and real media in general, except colour pencils ahahha), and this is my first try, but it's really fun!

Extra touch ups with some Copics before it looks like the girl's suffering from yellow fever!

I want to watch Golden Compass I want to watch Golden Compass I want to watch Golden Compass I want to watch Golden Compass I want to watch Golden Compass I want to watch Golden Compass I want to watch Golden Compass

Bear Fight!

Iorek and Iofur going at it in Philip Pullman's Northern Lights. I didn't quite get the pose and ferocity that I initially felt when I first read the book - the bears look too tame! The armour is partly ganked from the movie poster (Golden Compass) and partly made up, so it's probably not functional at all.

Sketched in pencil, inked and coloured in Photoshop. Texture taken with love from

Isnin, Julai 30, 2007


Just something silly concocted right after watching the Season 3 preview someone recorded from SDCC '07. That bit with Zuko and Mai totally threw me off for a loop - I totally did NOT expect that! (yes, I really did scream when it happened... I suppose Maiko fans are rejoicing muchly over this turn of event?). Or more like, I totally didn't expect to see Zuko in such a situation.. it's like suddenly seeing a man with two noses on his face.. or something.
I don't go nuts over the whole shipping war but if I have to name one pairing that I secretly root for - it'll be Katara and Aang. I think it's sweet in an earnest sort of way, though ultimately impossible given Aang's important role in the story (purely from a fan's perspective, so don't take it too seriously! Plus we know nothing's really definite till the very last episode in the last season!). I'm really looking forward to seeing how the story turns out! September can't come soon enough.

Screencap ganked with love from! This is merely a fan comic strip done in a fit of silliness so please don't kill, maim or sue.

Jumaat, Julai 27, 2007


Squid attack!

Buncha Mario stuff and more random brainfarts (because I was bored at work)

Oh and... I think the Simpsons' movie was real fun.

Khamis, Julai 26, 2007

Monyet Bahagia

The punching bag in our office, a hapless Ikea-bought monkey plushie

Ahad, Julai 22, 2007

Bad Cactus!

...rebellious teen cactus busy rebelling

Another excuse to try out my markers - messy as heck it is here, but still fun!

Sabtu, Julai 14, 2007

marker practice!

I've only started wanting to draw these Avatar fan arts and they've changed the character's costumes already T___T

Can't wait for season 3 though. It has been a looooong wait.

Sabtu, Jun 30, 2007

Bad Spelling on purpose!

Birthday pic done for a friend. I was so glad to finally try out my new Copic Ciao - and it was fun, up to the point I get dizzy and start seeing sparks of lights in front of my eyes. I blame it on the marker fumes.

Rabu, Jun 27, 2007

Sketch dump...again!

Hmm..photobucket is really... REALLY acting up now so I can't upload pictures to my LJ. This is frustrating. Here's some random doodles from work and elsewhere.

Wonky legs!

Girl with bad folds and wonky fingers ugh

Tried to draw Judy Nails... though her guitar's not drawn in yet. The weird devil thingy is a cool action figure that my colleague had - sort of bogarted it over to my desk hehe

I tried to draw a cat...which turned out ugly, turned it into a dinky whatever goes monster instead.

My housemate recently got some emulator to play PSX games with and ye gads, it's evil - she shared it with me! All those classic RPGs that you'd readily spend hours of your life on, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, all the FFs, Vagrant Story etc...and those that you shamelessly cried over ...Final freaking Fantasy VII...and damned silly fun games like Parappa the Rapper..It's evil! EVIL I tell you! I'm never gonna parted from my PC!!

Isnin, Jun 25, 2007

Michel Gagne!

 just too cool. This is my weak attempt at depicting him during a conference session at CG Overdrive '07 in Singapore. It was what he said when the Quicktime files he was playing had no sound. This guy is pure genius. He's an effects animator, does everything handrawn and has done works for Iron Giant and Pixar's soon to be released animation, Rattatouille.

Contrary to what I wrote (if you can read my horrendous handwriting) he didn't design Animo, but tested it out for its animating capabilities. Check out his awesome body of works here:

Rabu, Jun 13, 2007

A WIP of Aeris (FFVII). Done to test out a different colouring style.
Am going to Singapore this Friday yay for PLAY! Symphony Orchestra! So looking forward to orchestral rendition of the Chrono series.

Isnin, Jun 11, 2007


Drawn during an outstation event. No reference whatsoever so the big monkey might be a cross of an orang utan and goodness know what else XD

Somewhat Unseen University

No this is NOT Hogswart! Just bought a new brushpen the other day and what better to try it out than an attempt of drawing the Unseen University of Ankh Morpork? Not referenced (save for a faint memory of the building from Hogfather TV Movie) so there's plenty of discrepancies afoot. Colouring it was fun though!

Sabtu, Jun 09, 2007


Girl done a for a kiriban pic over at Deviantart.

Man weekend sucks when you have to stay in to clean the house WAH. Uncool~

Jumaat, Jun 01, 2007

Nonsense Photoshoppery

Tried to paint the other day to test out colours and all that... I wish can paint folds properly T___T She looks kinda stoned doesn't she?

Selasa, Mei 22, 2007

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time a gorgeous animation that managed to be good, great and sublime, and all in that order. It has to be watched to be believed.