Jumaat, Ogos 24, 2007

Posing Maut

Ninja toitles hoyey!

A fave from my childhood cartoon, the extremely intelligent Donatello and his formidale bo that lets you stand safely at one end while you whack an opponent senseless in the Sega MegaDrive fighting game!

Rendered in Copics (Ciao!), pen, white gel pen and a lil' dash of colour pencils.

Costume/ outfit is sooo inaccurate but yeargh.

And I met Kevin Eastman woo! He was in Malaysia, visiting our workplace wooo!

ok enough spazzing.

5 ulasan:

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Asides from the.. *ahem* mini turtle below the belt, costume's pretty spot on. How'z it inaccurate in yer eyes?

Hahaha Donatello was the one I use in TMNT arcade precisely for his long reach. Can't use Raphael well, coz I couldn't figure out how useful his roll is.

Man, I miss that arcade game.


kromosom berkata...

dapat sig kevin eastman tak?

Tanpa Nama berkata...

mini turtle?..hehe..

Hanie berkata...

booya: actually I can't remember what was supposed to be where the mini turtle is? I checked and it was supposed to be some round thingy with the letter D on it (from the 80s cartoon anyway). Oh well. Maybe he carved that out himself.

Hanie berkata...

agh! tertekan publish la pulak!
krom: ada... ada... bukan dah tunjuk ke?