Selasa, Ogos 28, 2007

Where's that @#%^& Space Shuttle!

Quickie while waiting for colleague so I can go home. She can either be trying to look cool or pissed or pissed but looking cool at the same time. Or constipated. Maybe all of the options.

Painter doodle-de-doo.

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kromosom berkata...

you change the bubble....why?

Hanie berkata...

sebab yg ori tu offensive sangat hoh hoh hoh

surferjoepearson berkata...

Hi Hainie,

Joe Pearson here.

It was a real treat meeting you and your crew at the MDeC lecture. Thanks for applauding at the end of my loooong speech.

Anyhow, I just wanted to say that I really like the astronaut girl piece.

Good work!

Keep going.

Oh, and thanks for liking Space Monkeys too!



Hanie berkata...

Hello Joe (or Mr Pearson?)

Thanks so much for dropping by! I learnt a lot from your lecture, and I'm glad you like the astronaut piece. I just found out that creator of Space Monkeys also wrote for Animaniacs (which I also love to bits!). Greg Davidson informed me on my LJ that Gordon Bressack is also going to be the story editor on Zoorocco, so it's going to be great! Can't wait to see the final output.