Khamis, Februari 19, 2009

INTRO: The Protagonist and Chicken

Odd Sarah being spied by a dubious chicken as she walks back from the workplace she detests.

In case you're wondering, Odd Sarah is a whacked out story I've been developing since forever (make that, thought into conception eons ago, and sort of forgot about it despite always doodling Odd Sarah-esque non sequiteurs. Is this how you spell that last word?) Will post the very first drawing of Odd Sarah up here soon, and hopefully it will all make sense.

Selasa, Februari 17, 2009


I thought I can do another Odd Sarah drawing today but no such luck! Lots of things with dire deadlines coming up so those were first priority.

Have a busy bird instead!

Isnin, Februari 16, 2009

INTRO: The Lady

A young working professional hooked on expensive coffee and doughnuts (though it's not apparent here). What role will she play in Odd Sarah's life?
One of those days