Sabtu, Disember 31, 2011

Last Sketch for 2011

Fireworks can be heard all around the neighbourhood now as I type this - and it's 11.59 on the computer clock. Happy 2012 everyone! Here's to wishing for the best wherever and whoever you are :) Take care everyone!!

p/s it's Jon Snow and puppy Ghost

More Kate Kane

I received Batwoman: Elegy for my birthday and it is one sweet lookin' book. My only complaint is that it is too damn short XD

Anyways, perhaps the last drawing I'm doing for this year - a Grace Kelly inspired Kate Kane in sweater. Happy New Year everyone!

Sabtu, Disember 10, 2011

Kate Kane

Batwoman in a caplet thanks to Jill Pantozzi who pointed it out, else I would've called it the batwing-capelike-thing-that-also-kinda-looks-like-a-shawl. Heck I'd probably call it ShaBwing.

Anyways, I haven't read Batwoman but I read reviews that the new book is really good. And honestly, I love her character design - the minimal colours of her outfit and the red and black contrast nearly always make for visually arresting image.

Selasa, Disember 06, 2011

Yongumix #7

Happy December! It's that time of the year again - Comic Fiesta is around the corner and Yongumi gang has come up with our 7th book!

My contribution is a shamelessly spaghetti western action comic with absolutely no story. Honest. I just want to draw people shooting things and stuff explode :3