Rabu, Disember 27, 2006


Ok another random landscape that was done because I was bored and started splotching colours in Photoshop. Bits and pieces and crap were added without paying attention to issues like perspective and whatnots and pretty soon this picture happened.

I better be drawing something exciting soon. Like angry vegetables.

Isnin, Disember 25, 2006

Something Old

I did this prior to the visit to SDCC 'o6 in the middle of this year. It started out as a sketch - real crappy with skewed eyes and whatnots hahaha. Scanned and cleaned up digitally (sorry, I can't find the cleaned up lineart, and at this point can't be arsed to find it >.<) and finally coloured and abused with much Photoshop brushes. See the dinky sketch here.
And don't laugh!


I like drawing Santarinas (ever since an ex-collegue mistook some cross-dressing j-rockers as one HAHAHAHA). I like drawing smexy girls. And now it's Christmas. So this is my Christmas hooch of the year. (actually done for a current colleague who wanted something naughty..but I couldn't really pull anything very naughty, or at least naughty in a witty way. I suck. Well, next time!)

Sketched out in pencil (below) and cleaned up.

and finally coloured in Photoshop. (Click for bigger pic)

Have a great Christmas and good year ahead, everyone!

Sabtu, Disember 23, 2006


Ahahaha, y'know I'm really not sure what this is. Just that random shapes drawn in Photoshop just sort of led to another and the next thing I know, there's this cluster of ice thingamajiggy and an really lame alien drawn in just so there's a subject in the picture.

It was real fun playing with lots of blues and torquoise though!

Khamis, Disember 21, 2006

Something colourful

I was bored and there's nothing to do at work (there was but it's so terribly mundane). So this came out instead. I should be bored at work more often. Well, more than usual, anyway.

Rabu, Disember 20, 2006


Was away to the nation's capital for a few days for 2 different conventions and to catch up with some real good friends!
The first was Comic Fiesta and second one is a Science & Fantasy something or other that had an adorable Eragon cosplayer and rather cute Predator (it had a hu-u-uge head) and a dude dressed up as Chicken Little that you want to push over.

This drawing was included in a little compilation that my friends and I did for the convention. Methinks her eyes are a bit too far apart.