Isnin, Disember 25, 2006


I like drawing Santarinas (ever since an ex-collegue mistook some cross-dressing j-rockers as one HAHAHAHA). I like drawing smexy girls. And now it's Christmas. So this is my Christmas hooch of the year. (actually done for a current colleague who wanted something naughty..but I couldn't really pull anything very naughty, or at least naughty in a witty way. I suck. Well, next time!)

Sketched out in pencil (below) and cleaned up.

and finally coloured in Photoshop. (Click for bigger pic)

Have a great Christmas and good year ahead, everyone!

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Megalaros berkata...

The pencil is so nice though. I like it better I'd say.It's hard to capture the fluidity in the inks. Something I'm trying to understand myself.