Ahad, Mac 11, 2007


Finished this while watching episodes of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends on DVD. Background is not complete...I'm not sure what to put, except maybe draw other characters with 'normal' pets looking at them. If I'm not too lazy that is. GAH. I haven't drawn a full background in... wait a min, I don't think I've ever drawn a full background EVER!

Hm. Hungry. Just ate fries, now I feel like some sausages!


...which will probably stay that way because I've decided not to finish it. Half through I thought the painterly style doesn't really suit the drawing. Will probably rework it cell style or something.
Done in Photoshop.

The nicest thing about weekends is having the luxury of just lolling around and not do anything. The not so nice aspect? Having to always think what to have for lunch. Or dinner.

More office sketch!

Yeap more office sketch. It's when my mind wanders when I work (which often happens) all these silly doodles started appearing. Anyhoo, this girl has more than two arms, yes. I couldn't decide which pose is better.

This is a ...uh..a crazy witch.
'Nuff said.

A colleague brought Chrono Cross character guide book, and I was reminded how awesome the game was. Still is. Too bad I can't draw as awesomely as Nobuteru Yuuki. Harle there has so many limbs (yes, I was indecisive about the pose) that she looks like the Goddess Kali instead.

Kid has missing feet because I failed to draw within the paper itself! AGH