Sabtu, Mei 30, 2009


Hmmm. If I print these T-shirts out, would anyone buy them I wonder?

(the language printed on the T-shirt is Malay for 'Be lazy like me')

Khamis, Mei 28, 2009


No time to draw leisurely recently! This lame sketch is done between work in the office.. I don't know when I can finish it though...

Rabu, Mei 27, 2009

Back from Singapore!

I was in Singapore for the weekend with a bunch of good friends to attend Final Fantasy: Distant World concert - which was AWESOME because Nobuo Uematsu was in attendance. He joined the chorus group for the 2nd encore and moved to the beat and clapped his slippers and won hearts all around the concert hall.

That aside trip makes me realize how unfit I am. We walked everywhere and on Monday my body was aching all over. But I'm still not hitting the gym. Cuz I'm allergic to gymmmmmsssss!!!! HISSSSSS SNARL YOWL

Ahad, Mei 17, 2009

Sunday Alert!

Adventures of Mr Oniyon updated!!! 

Mr Oniyon finds himself in a rather interesting place.

Khamis, Mei 14, 2009

Spock Prime

"I have been and shall always be your friend."

Great salute to Wrath of Khan there. Sob.

And if you guys haven't read the Star Trek: Countdown comic yet, go read it NOW!

Rabu, Mei 13, 2009

Some ol' sketches

Just some stuff from the sketchbook that I haven't been putting up

4th and 5th sketches are from KL Design Week forum - I find that doodling helps me listen and remember better. If I don't have a pen/ paper with me during long talks or conferences, I'd fall asleep. I told you I'm narcoleptic.

Harvey James Meme

Where is my catgirl? O___O

Oh wait there it is

This is a super fun meme started by harveyjames on LJ. Look at all those cats wearing hats!! Awww. I kinda found out about it late (on the deadline day itself!) and rushed to do one cuz I don't want to miss out on it!

So I made the cut! See all other amazing cat wearing hats depicted as girls wearing catty hats here. You probably need to scroll down a bit to catch mine among all those hundreds of amazing drawings :)

P/S I think Blogger hates me. It takes ages to put up this post due to inexplicable problems! 

Selasa, Mei 12, 2009


I'm too tired to write anything here. Except that painting is hard ugh

P/S - The new Star Trek movie is still damn good

Jumaat, Mei 08, 2009

Nami Character Redesign

Nami (One Piece) character redesign for Pergh forum battle.

Oh and man the new Star Trek movie rocks damn hard!

Ahad, Mei 03, 2009

Twe - URK

I'm totally jumping on the bandwagon >.<

Jumaat, Mei 01, 2009

Happy Labour Day

I have a day off today and was supposed to do work, but am too de-motivated to finish it. So I drew a bloody thorn head girl instead. Hmmm..

Adventures of Mr Oniyon is updated! Do take a look, peeps!