Rabu, Mei 13, 2009

Some ol' sketches

Just some stuff from the sketchbook that I haven't been putting up

4th and 5th sketches are from KL Design Week forum - I find that doodling helps me listen and remember better. If I don't have a pen/ paper with me during long talks or conferences, I'd fall asleep. I told you I'm narcoleptic.

3 ulasan:

fairy fairuz berkata...

aha i know those sketches!esp yg rambut besar thehehe but takde pon mr kobayashi :|

narcoleptic, such a big word for me.damn I need my dictionary when I stalk ur blog :p

Jeff Mahadi berkata...

Ooooooh, Lotsa tentacles XD;;; I love the first sketch. The octopus looks like he's high on sucking her brains haha XD

Megalaros berkata...

Octopus is the dream of the hope I wish to obtain. These are nice sketches!