Isnin, Mei 23, 2011

Acara Kemuncak Pekomik 2011

Come one come all! To the Malaysian comic event of the year! Crowning event for the best of Malaysian comics this Saturday, 28 May 2011. See you there!

Rabu, Mei 18, 2011


Getting reacquainted with the ol' gal :) Quick PS sketch, 10 min

Art Noveau!

...or rather, an attempt at it XD I tried working with elements that pertains to their character and identity.

Puzzle cards for UD's Captain America set, featuring Sharon Carter, Sin, Madame Hydra and Contessa de la Fontaine. All rendered in markers.

Stuffed Deadpool

Too much sushi!

Isnin, Mei 16, 2011

Yongumix 6 nominated!

(Click on the title above to go to the nomination list)

...for 'Best Self-published/Amateur Zine' for Anugerah Pekomik 2011, a local comic awards event honouring local efforts in all things comic :) Scroll down the link to category no. 8 to see our nomination, as well as the other nominees.

I'm so happy! It feels great to be acknowledged. We probably won't win (what with all the other awesome titles in the running) but what if we do, eh? Eh? One can dream, yes?

Rabu, Mei 11, 2011

Captain America and the Avengers

4-card puzzle done for UD's Captain America set.

While we're on that note, how awesome is the Thor movie? It's THOR-oughly awesome I have to say! (yes lame pun is lame don't throw tomatoes at me)