Selasa, Oktober 26, 2010

Marvel Heroes and Villains! (bigger scans)

Because some people had nearly gone blind looking at the tiny HnV characters I posted earlier, here's the bigger images!

Will uploading the rest next. Also!! Just completed a sketch card gig that had me drawing a seemingly infinite amount of bewbs. Hmmmm...

Khamis, Oktober 21, 2010

Elsa and Natasha

These are approved Artist Proof cards for Iron Man II sketch card set. These two are also somewhat special because they've gotten the 'boob slap' - I have to amend the drawings because they had shown too much boobage XD XD Oops!

Khamis, Oktober 14, 2010

Marvel Heroes and Villains!

Received word that I'm finally able to show this to the public so here it is! All 150 cards done for this set from Rittenhouse. The funny thing is that I thought I've only 149 cards in the mail, but when I counted these scanned babies there's 150 after all! Maybe there's a double somewhere in there. Have fun looking for it..hehe :)