Isnin, April 30, 2007


Yet to be finished illos of a dancer. The initial lineart can be seen over on the Onion-y Livejournal!(just scroll down a few posts) I wanted her to be redhead and thought a an aqua blue/green would contrast with her hair so beautifully, and when I finished up the dress, something is disturbingly familiar but I can't put a finger to it.

Then it hits me. This is what Ariel of the Little Mermaid would look like if that green fish body of hers is a green dress instead of a..a fish body!

So here it is, a somewhat accidental fanart of Ariel (or maybe not, since her bangs and face isn't the same AT ALL) or maybe I should just change the colour of her hair and dress. (But I love that sea-green shade!!! AGH)

Khamis, April 26, 2007

"I want to drink goooooaaaaaat's blooooooddddd..."

"But son, it's only Tuesday."

I love Don Hertzfeld.

Ahad, April 15, 2007

Those office sketches

These are old but still essentially office sketches in the sense that they're probably done

1. During a meeting
2. During one of those dreary moments you can't seem to concentrate on your work anymore
3. When you have a brain diarrhea

The smaller lady has such a horrible skewed face..I just saw that now. Ugh.

Ahad, April 01, 2007


Art entry made for a competition at ImagineFX. The first prize is a Wii!!!!
This a fan art of Noein - To Your Other Self, a series I know nothing about until the competition came up and I watched it on youtube.

The Wii the Wii Wii Wii Wiiiiii