Khamis, Januari 21, 2010

Taking a breather..

This blog had been rather quiet lately because I was working on this!

I took 100 cards on this, and 50 cards on the upcoming Marvel 70th Anniversary sketch cards by Rittenhouse, and a couple more with looming deadlines...aaaaa.

Classic Iron Man suits are the most fun to draw, though I think I made him look a tad skinny here.. hehehe.

Ok enough chit-chat, back to work! *faints*

Jumaat, Januari 08, 2010

Tree of Dreams

I don't know when I'll be colouring this... huk huk... T___T

This is a pretty dinky product of my extreme boredom (my level of boredom is like super boredom beyond the realm of usual boredom magnified by 100). I sometimes dream of octopus, they're fun. The other night I dream of a chicken that walked after it was cooked - that was freaky. Anyways the heart (if you can see it, cuddled by the octopus' tentacles) symbolized the idea that I can't live without dreams and fantasy. It's the thing that fuels me day by day, that things can be beyond what they are.

Ok, it's Friday! Woot! Happy weekend :)

Jumaat, Januari 01, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Have a good year ahead everyone!!

Argh! I made a 100-post resolution for 2009, but was short by 1 (so close, yet far!) 99 post in all. Grrr. In that case I'll make a resolution to post 151 artworks in 2010, so if I'm short by one, I'll still have 150.