Jumaat, Oktober 30, 2009

After Work Sketch II

Some Commissioned Art

The usual comic characters aaaand.. Cleopatra! That was quite interesting...

Rabu, Oktober 28, 2009

After Work Sketch

Having gorged on some utterly divine Tunisian sweets (layers of filo-like pastry encasing chopped pistachios and lightly touched with honey) I went on a sugar high and polished off a normally plodding mundane task in no time, and after that promptly crashed on sugar low, forcing me to take a 5 min nap, face down on my jacket. This sketch is done right after that.


I was working on an artwork for 2 hours and suddenly the pc crashed just as I was about to save. Resetted pc and opened said file to find work way behind the progress I had made.

My feelings?

Ahad, Oktober 25, 2009


I woke up Sunday morning and my eye is red and swollen and itchy. FUN!

Isnin, Oktober 19, 2009


I'm bored. Heeeeee :P

Khamis, Oktober 15, 2009


Phone dates are fun.. I think :)