Khamis, Disember 31, 2009

Dear Grandma & Grandpa

I miss you both so much!

My grandma passed away earlier this month, joining my grandpa who left us 2 years ago. With this I have no grandparents left. They were the sweetest couple you can possibly imagine. As much as I miss their presence, I'm glad they're together now.

A photo I posted in LJ, 4 years ago.

Cat Cat

A sketch I did in San Diego 2009, coloured in Photoshop. Obviously I had furry felines on my mind..

I wish...

I do, I really, really do..

The Raya Incident

A short comic I made for the 5th YonGumix compilation at Comic Fiesta. It really happened.

Something in the moleskine

Brushpen on moleskine. Maybe will colour this one day. When having artist block, draw naked women with plenty of foliage around her T___T

It has been an extremely busy week! Just completed Iron Man II sketchcards (I drew 89 cards in 2 days, I seriously thought I was gonna die), and there'll be 3 official sketchcards gigs due end of January 2010. Half of my colleagues at the Saladin team are leaving today as their contract had ended, and the rest who are staying (moi included) are moving into the new office so guess who was moving stuff into the new said place. We had free lunch, and a farewell cake, and everyone said their goodbyes and that made me sad. I really hope we'll have a chance to work together again! These are immensely talented and amazing bunch of people.

5 more posts to go before 12 am!

Jumaat, Disember 25, 2009


...from Avatar. Frankly, this movie blew my mind.

Khamis, Disember 24, 2009


Sabtu, Disember 12, 2009

Airport Peeps

Bunch of peeps at the airports. Clockwise from top left: 2 very tall European (I presume) ladies with starkly similar style (both had their hair in tight buns, dangly earrings and long flowy outfits with a colour theme and small jackets), wild haired backpacker who walked very very fast, snappy dresser with hat who also caught the eyes of the two European ladies, creepy dude wearing low cut cardi, policewoman, brown outfit European lady. I didn't colour their bags because I forgot the colour.


I can't draw violets for toots. With this done, though - one less work scratched off the list! Phew!!