Jumaat, Disember 25, 2009


...from Avatar. Frankly, this movie blew my mind.

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anas afrohead berkata...

oh niceeeee!
she's thge hottest Na'vi ever.

Raccoon General berkata...

tsa'u sevin siltsan tseo.....

i think i got that abt right... not dat fluent in Na'vi... :P

(loosely translated from the Avatar activist survival guide book : that's a pretty good art


movie is awesome! while usually im a pro-terran in sc fi, im very satisfied with the flow of the story:P

Naktiri berkata...

Telinga kami kat ubun-ubun lah.

Hanie Mohd berkata...

anas: James Cameron said he wants to make the Na'vi sexy, and he succeeded!

Raccoon: Impressive! Thanks so much. Where did you get the book?
*high five on the comment of the story flow* I really like it too! Some people say it's too simple but I think it would need to be simple with such overwhelming visuals. And somehow I feel the plight of the Penans, the Aborigines and the native Americans all rolled into one. It's quite a powerful message!

Naktiri: This is a quick sketch, my dear XD done while the memory of the movie is still fresh, so the details are not in place :)

Raccoon General berkata...

I found the book, along with the Avatar Art book as well, at Borders Times Square. Should be out in most shops. Bought them both on christmas day itself as a christmas gift for... ME!:P
(80bucks or so for the guide book)

The one thing dat bought me off over most other 'native vs techy ppl' story is the fact that there is a strong element in support of the whole nature/spiritual argument on the Na'vi side. its not just blind/overused basic 'tree hugging sentiment'..

Hanie berkata...

Raccoon: On Avatar - I couldn't agree with you more. The whole idea that the whole planet works as a huge complicated network system is very well presented and researched :)

On the artbook: ooooh man, I should look for my own copy then :3