Ahad, April 15, 2007

Those office sketches

These are old but still essentially office sketches in the sense that they're probably done

1. During a meeting
2. During one of those dreary moments you can't seem to concentrate on your work anymore
3. When you have a brain diarrhea

The smaller lady has such a horrible skewed face..I just saw that now. Ugh.

5 ulasan:

Heather berkata...

Hey hey... I left a comment on your second-to-last LJ post... just wondering if you read it. ^^;;;

-erikochan aka. heather :3

Hanie berkata...

Yeah I did. Check yer mailbox ^^

Zid berkata...

I havent sketched in a long time cos of work. Be thankful you can still sketchhhh!!!!!

Oit aku pun ada blog tauuuu link la kesian aku di-exclude!

Megalaros berkata...

Cool costumes. As cool as the dresses are, I keep looking at the kid with the poncho. Good work!

Hanie berkata...

Zid: Dah letak dah. Thanks for linking me!

Rb: Thanks muchly...Ponchos are great! XD