Rabu, Jun 27, 2007

Sketch dump...again!

Hmm..photobucket is really... REALLY acting up now so I can't upload pictures to my LJ. This is frustrating. Here's some random doodles from work and elsewhere.

Wonky legs!

Girl with bad folds and wonky fingers ugh

Tried to draw Judy Nails... though her guitar's not drawn in yet. The weird devil thingy is a cool action figure that my colleague had - sort of bogarted it over to my desk hehe

I tried to draw a cat...which turned out ugly, turned it into a dinky whatever goes monster instead.

My housemate recently got some emulator to play PSX games with and ye gads, it's evil - she shared it with me! All those classic RPGs that you'd readily spend hours of your life on, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, all the FFs, Vagrant Story etc...and those that you shamelessly cried over ...Final freaking Fantasy VII...and damned silly fun games like Parappa the Rapper..It's evil! EVIL I tell you! I'm never gonna parted from my PC!!

3 ulasan:

Dangerism berkata...

not exactly wonky legs as weird hips.

I like the tambourine girl sketch.

Hanie berkata...

aahhh time for more figure drawing practice...

thanks for the comment! ^^

kromosom berkata...

no 2 tu best..kalau buat paint over mustichun..pakai kaler pelangi