Isnin, Julai 30, 2007


Just something silly concocted right after watching the Season 3 preview someone recorded from SDCC '07. That bit with Zuko and Mai totally threw me off for a loop - I totally did NOT expect that! (yes, I really did scream when it happened... I suppose Maiko fans are rejoicing muchly over this turn of event?). Or more like, I totally didn't expect to see Zuko in such a situation.. it's like suddenly seeing a man with two noses on his face.. or something.
I don't go nuts over the whole shipping war but if I have to name one pairing that I secretly root for - it'll be Katara and Aang. I think it's sweet in an earnest sort of way, though ultimately impossible given Aang's important role in the story (purely from a fan's perspective, so don't take it too seriously! Plus we know nothing's really definite till the very last episode in the last season!). I'm really looking forward to seeing how the story turns out! September can't come soon enough.

Screencap ganked with love from! This is merely a fan comic strip done in a fit of silliness so please don't kill, maim or sue.

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