Khamis, April 15, 2010

Looky look

The kind folks over at AnimationXpress featured my works in their online newsletter!

Yup, that's my stuff ^^

Some old works, some recent stuff you've seen and also those that you probably have not seen before. Feel free to browse through!

3 ulasan:

Raccoon General berkata...

Hey! Congrats on that!

May I ask how exactly u managed to get there? was it a contest or some talent scout and stuff?

azhar berkata...


keep up the good work..

show that Malaysian artists are good too...


Hanie berkata...

Raccoon: They contacted me and I replied back, and sent my artworks along. I think Mel's works was featured too a while back

Azhar: Yup yups! Malaysian artists memang best! XD