Rabu, Mei 05, 2010


This is one of those time when you spend hours on one artwork and end up hating it!! This feels all sort of wrong to me, and it's not quite in a good place. Maybe I gotta start all over again! Ugh.

Hit-Girl is awesome though. Kick-Ass is so cool (both movie and comic). It is, for lack of better words, truly kickass. (wow can you just feel the verbal originality oozing from me right now? I need to lie down T__T)

2 ulasan:

al-khattab93 berkata...

Salam ziarah... Menarik Gambar kat atas sekali tu.. Taatilah ALLAH semoga selamat di dunia dan AKHIRAT :-)

Heiri Paulina berkata...

Are you talking about your art work? OMG but it's awesome T_T !