Sabtu, Mac 14, 2009

Darkstalker Babes

Made for the Udon Darkstalker competition but it didn't make it :( Ah well. It was such a rush job too. Serves me right to procrastinate XD

Before I forget, massive congrats to Zid and Laine for making the cut!

Drawn and coloured entirely in Photoshop.

Characters are from the Darkstalkers video games by Capcom, so pleasedonotsuekillormaimthankyou :)

2 ulasan:

shou' berkata...

Nice piece! Even though it was a rush job do you plan to push it further?

Procrastination gets the best of us. Hopefully Udon and Capcom will have another contest in the future.

Hanie berkata...

Well it's a done deal XD I don't really like to go back to a previous work and tweak it, unless it really REALLY irks me. But I'll try to come with better works next time :)