Jumaat, April 03, 2009


Fooling around in Painter SAI again. Seriously, this thing is awesome. It's like the best of Photoshop and Painter combined together in about 2 MB of application. Anyway, I like octopus. Octopusses? I should go to sleep now.

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Booya berkata...

Nice one!

I like how the octopus has more loving details applied to it than the woman.

Intelligent creatures, octopusses. They don't like seeing TV unless it's HDTV, too.

Raccoon General berkata...

at first i thought it was some wig or unique hairdo... but then i see... octopus!!! mind you, i feel a bit squeemish abt octopus... huhuhu..

akapaka berkata...


dang that left hand.


Faizal berkata...

i think the plural is octopi.. :D {heh.. octopie = octopuss pie..nyum3)

Hanie berkata...

Booya: eh? hdtv+octopus?

Raccoon: I bet they DO feel squeamish but I find them highly fascinating!

akapaka: HA HA

Faizal: Octopie? Hu hu check out next post LOL

Booya berkata...

Gizmodo: Octopuses prefer high def TVs