Ahad, April 26, 2009

Mr Oniyon has his own blog!

Here's a new site I just started - http://adventuresofmroniyon.blogspot.com/

It contains comic-strips of the (mis)adventures of Mr Oniyon, my mascot and doodle of countless years, with kind contributions from awesome artists such as Mel Celestial and Eisu.

So far there's only 3 strips up, drawn by the very talented Mel. More strips will be up soon, hopefully on a weekly basis.

Thanks for looking!

3 ulasan:

Mel Celestial berkata...

XD Yay!! And now we shall witness his ascension to awesomeness! *does an ugly crazy boogie*

Perky berkata...

Just popping by to say hi. My god woman, you have 4 blogs to maintain! Dunno how u managed that (on top of your workload, lol!).

p/s: Replied u on FB, but I'm guessing u've been too busy to check. If you're not working on Friday, let's do lunch (drag Nora too). I could return ur thumb drive then :) Weekends I'll be away for a wedding...

Hanie Mohd berkata...

Mel: I wanna see that ugly crazy boogie in person >:)

Perky: It's not really blogs per se, I just dump drawings there and hope ppl will see them XD