Rabu, April 22, 2009

Belated Sketchcrawl Post - Part 2

Ooh. Nothing like vaccuuming and cleaning the apartment after a hard day at work. It's so invigorating....not. I still fantasize of the day I am able to train my cat to do the housework in return for me making sure that she does not starve!

Ok,  onto the sketchcrawl. 

We were still in the ..uh...fish tunnel at this point, joined by the hilarious and talented duo of Aimee and Julius.

After infecting some school kids on a field trip, and a good amount of tourists and possible out of towners with flu in the enclosed fish tunnel, I let my good friends lead me back to the  entrance of Aquaria to make our way down the whole  place properly and do some kick-ass sketchin' (that is, my pals be doing kick-ass sketchin' whileI was trying not to drip all over my sketchbook)

Anyway, that snapping turtle up there. Gamera, anyone? It's so awesome.

The Mexican Smiling Walking Fish Which is Not Really a Fish was shy and wouldn't smile for us that day.The crabs are hilarious. They lounged around in this cool-whaddaya-looking-at manner, and there's this pattern on their body that made them look like they're grinning. Very insidious. 

Everyone loved this chameleon because it stayed so freaking still and thus, easy to sketch. Tart.

A fish and a terrapin were huddling together under some foliage, conspiring perhaps to elope and quit the show business forever.

I am positively enamoured by this iguana. What a regal creature he is.

This turtle is a freaking cute fella who wouldn't keep still! Always scampering up and down. What a brat. But a cute brat, nonetheless.

At this point I'm super tired and my drawings had gone to pots. Not that it wasn't kind of potsy to begin with. 

The Nautilus is a wondrous creature that had to be seen to believed. I kinda wished it was bigger though. Like whale-size, Captain Nemo holy jeebus kinda big. That was would be so awesome. Someone was wondering what it would taste like. Tsk tsk tsk.  Some people can be so barbaric ;)

Thus concludes Sketchcrawl 2009 from my end! There're some other sketches but they were too blobby or too drippy to be worth the space. More stuff from other sketchcrawlers can be seen here.

Woo! I'm finally done! Time to catch Henry Cavill's uncovered regal behind in The Tudors. I understand that it has much historical significance.

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