Rabu, April 01, 2009


Was trying out Painter SAI at the behest of my colleague Mel, who is extremely wonderful at painting with it (check out her lovely mer-people over at her blog listed on the side - that girl is AMAZING!)

I can't paint all that well, but I must say this application's pretty sweet! Easy to use and light on computer memory :)

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Jeff Mahadi berkata...

Sweet stuff u did with SAI. That software's been lying on my office PC for a couple of months since my colleague introduced it.

I keep forgetting to bring a copy of the installer back home o_0

Mel Celestial berkata...

Gorgeous work as always, Hanie! I always love your sense of colour <3 Hopefully you'll post up more artworks now XD

fairy fairuz berkata...

Painter SAI ?another version of painter?:|

Raccoon General berkata...

Cool chicka:P, has a very vibrant and energetic feel to it.

You painter-people seem to have found a wonderful new toy with this... Painter SAI :P

Hanie berkata...

Jeff: Try it! you wont regret it..

Mel: I see why you love it so much, it really is so awesome! I'm still trying to paint as awesome as you do though.. sob

Fairy: yes, just google Painter SAI! It's really fun to use

Raccoon: haha thanks! Yes painter.. SAI..is awesome