Rabu, Jun 24, 2009

Commissioned Sketchcards

Been busy with these babies in the past weeks (and for the weeks to come I think). My markers are abused royally and they love it!

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Mohd. Fahmy b. Mohd Hashim berkata...

mcm mana nk buat this sketchcard ek? mcm best je.. nk gak buat. :)

Hanie Mohd berkata...

haha, I got my start dari Scoundrels forum, you can check it out here

Post your art and let people know you're awesome! XDD

Hope that helps!

Mohd. Fahmy b. Mohd Hashim berkata...

thanx hanie! it helps a lot! :).. lama tk buat manual art.. asyik digital je. hihihi.. that card we have to buy it kan? after that only we can draw on it.. am i right? :P

Hanie Mohd berkata...

The cards I potong sendiri XD Beli ivory cards, atau ur preferred art paper (yg keras) then potong to 2.5 x3.5 size sendiri XD Pastu baru lukis