Jumaat, Jun 19, 2009

Those pesky kids

This for the 'draw yourself as a 100 year old' contest by
Phil McAndrew. Hopefully by then I am still sprightly and youthful in spirit enough to still be wearing hoodies and yelling at kids (er, I don't actually yell at kids. But hopefully that'll improve with age. Especially when it comes to super annoying kids). There's dentures all over the ground because each time I yell, one'll pop out of my mouth, and because I have less than stellar eyessight but too proud to admit it, I can't find the dentures on the ground and will go off to make a new one.

4 ulasan:

Booya berkata...

Those kids would leave your lawn mighty quick if they find out your 100-year old self can make deals with demongoats.

uka berkata...

dah tengok drag me to hell.

Hanie Mohd berkata...

Booya: LOL not THAT cranky I think! That was just scary

uka: Dah. Org tua tak bergusi.. eee geli geleman

Mohd. Fahmy b. Mohd Hashim berkata...

mcm nenek drag me to hell. hihihi. cool!