Isnin, Mac 31, 2008

Lazy Month

Man! I've been so lazy this month, haven't I? Hardly did any artworks worthy of mention, so I made a resolution to draw at lest one sketchcard daily since I don't get to draw much at work anymore.

These are the some of the ones I did recently, fanarts of Crisis Core (which I am loving muchly at the moment) and Gurren Lagann (which I'm also still loving muchly)

More sketchcards can be see at my Deviantart! (links on the right)

2 ulasan:

Summer berkata...

You gotta love that Sephiroth!
did you used markers? the colors in all of them look really good

Hanie berkata...

Yes I used markers for all of them. Sephiroth is the super yummy though! Thanks for your kind comment!