Rabu, Julai 15, 2009

Sketchcard Commissions!

Ok I better go off now before my carpool buddies beat me up XD

5 ulasan:

anas afrohead berkata...

waaa catwomen sangat kawaiiiii

Booya berkata...

Wow, your marker rendering skills really improved....these look really crisp and clean.

Definitely like the Hermione and Catwoman pieces.

Raccoon General berkata...

Hmmm... u selling? whats the details or when to read up on details, size price etc?:D

these are very nice...

Hanie Mohd berkata...

anas: haha thanksss

Booya: thanks! yar the Catwoman piece seems to be quite a hit with people

Raccoon: for frens and ppl I know it's percuma heheh ;) For org lain dan sewaktu dgnnya these charges apply :

do you want a sketchcard? FOC of course XD

Raccoon General berkata...

haha of coz wud like :P